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Nana Visit 2009


Josh recently won 1st at the OC Fair.

H, Kim, Chloe and Coco 2008.

Josh's most recent painting.

Just walkin' the dog.

Christmas trip to Sequioa, 2006.

Vacation to Cambria, 2005.

Alaska, Josh took on People to People trip.

Great photo of Chloe taken by Kim, 2008.

July 4th celebration at Bob and Jerylin's, 2006.

Karen and Lane and the kids, vacation 2006.

Made this for Mom's 70th.

Recent "complete" family photo..

Sketch of Andrea's mom, Josh's 80th gift.

Visiting with Nana, vacation 2006.

Josh as Leonardo for Rennaisance fair at school.

Xmas 2006 at the Roche's.

Visit from Beckie, Jack and Tim.

Fishing scene painting by Josh.

Cousin Nathan Manley, & kids Colin and Shelly.

Painting of tiger by Josh.

Sharon and Gregg, 2006.

Alaska, taken by Josh.

Josh with my parents.

Charcoal sketch by Josh.

Our Leopard Gecko, Nessie.

Xmas card painting by Josh, 2006.

Alaska, taken by Josh.

Some of Josh's older paintings.

Skipper contemplating something naughty..

Josh's painting of Skipper.

Don in front of his house that he rebuilt.

Henrik's home after some recent updates, 2008.

Family visit, vacation 2006.

My favorite photo of Andrea.

Beckie and Nana.

Alaska, taken by Josh.

Chloe fishing near H's boat.

Henrik's sailboat.

Snow while visiting Sequioa.

Snickers in the holiday spirit...

This is an oldie...

H demonstrating the proper stair-skiing technique..

Roy examining a potential problem gift.

80'th birthday card I made for Roy.

Our neighbor Lance and his devil-dog Hauzer..

Favorite Halloween pumpkin.

Visiting Grandma..

Nana and Grandadd visit, Bob trip.

Josh with Mom and Dad at aquarium.

My good friend Henry and his dog.

Spongebob cake for cub scouts fundraiser.

Josh and Skipper.

Mickey in his moonboots..

June at Xmas, 2007.

Lauren and Mike at Xmas, 2007.

With Karen, Lane and the kids, vacation 2006.

Josh with Gram and Gramps, Xmas 2007.

Wiped out on vacation 2005..

On the beach, Cambria, vacation 2005.

Cambria, vacation 2005.

Ol' Snickers, our pet ginuea pig ( deceased..).

First walking stick, for Josh age 4.

Made this for June's 80th.

Made this for Roy's 80th.