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Walking sticks are unfortunately no longer for sale due to an old shoulder injury acting up. Videos of some walking sticks here


Automotive Art

Leaf style cane in Flame Maple and Walnut.

Stained Glass style cane with inset Agate. Sapele and Quilted Maple.

Lightweight "Twist" cane with floating handle. Walnut, Sapele, Philippine Mahogany.

5 Cane stand. Walnut, Sapele, Quilted and Birdseye Maple and Zebrawood.

Flame cane in American Walnut with Quilted Maple handle sides. Teak Oil finish.

Pontiac hood ornament theme cane, Sapele with Teak Oil finish.

30's-40's style top, sides laminated for strength and detail.

Commissioned Sly Cooper prop cane. Sold. Not making any more of these.

Commissioned presentation piece walking stick in African Mahogany. Tiki theme.

Organic vine/leaves/seed pod design cane in Pine, through-cut detailing.

Custom Tiki themed walking stick in African Mahogany.

Octagonal design cane with unique zig-zag shape on main shaft. African Mahogany.

Open handle, intersecting style walking stick from one piece of African Mahogany.

Art/Crafts cane design, also inspired by Sam Maloof. African Mahogany.

Serpentine cane design with laminated handle sides. African Mahogany, stained deep red.

Serpentine curved style walking stick from one piece of African Mahogany.