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50th Anniversary picture frame given as gift. Figured Walnut, Quilted Maple, Sapele.

Gift to my wife. Quilted Walnut, Birdseye and Quilted Maple, Zebrawood, Sapele.

Desk Plaque commissioned by my father for my sister. Quilted Walnut and Maple, Sapele.

Burl necklace, gift for my wife.

Most elaborate walking stick to date. Took 2 years as I gave up on it twice.

Details of vine and thorn cane. Sapele wood, highly figured.

Leaves and vine walking stick in Sapele, gift for my father. Teak Oil finish.

Organic Flame walking stick in Sapele with Teak Oil finsh.

Tiki/Hot Rod theme walking stick, made out of Koa wood from Hawaii

This cane was a gift to my Grandmother, and has been lost. See link above.

Totem pole walking stick for my son, showing families, quartz crystal on top, lights up

Hot Rod themed walking stick with 52 Pontiac hood ornament set in - lights up

Antiques Barn made for Bob and Jerylin Manley

VW themed diner birdfeeder for my cousin Don and his wife

A&P Market birdfeeder for my grandparents

Bird Theatre feeder made for friend's wedding